What are eyelash extensions made of?

Korean PBT yarn, Or silk, mink
PBT yarn has excellent elongation, soft and easy dyeing. These materials also have good strength, dimensional stability and good flexibility, flexibility not affected by moisture.

Are your eyelash extensions safe for girls?

Yes, we only collect the best quality raw materials and we will disinfect many processes to ensure all are free of bacteria and do not damage the natural eyelashes before we make the extensions. mi. We also have an International Specialist Certificate for Material Safety Data Sheet to prove all beautiful eyelash extensions are safe.

How long can your eyelashes last and will it get out of shape after applying?

By following the following proper care instructions, lashes will last as long as your eyelash cycle, this process takes about 6 weeks but is different for each person. After applying our lashes, the girls can wash and swim and do whatever you want, it will be more beautiful than ever. But do not take a sauna, as glue and eyelashes will lose effectiveness in situations over 70 c degree.

What about your company's customer service?

We have a team of experts and review for customers, can work from 7:00 am to 0:00 am. All messages will be answered very soon. And we stand from the perspective of the customer to manage, we are sure the customer will be happy to do business with us!

Do you have wholesale prices for large buyers?

Yes, we have custom prices for large customers. Small profits but quick sales are a great way for both of us to help more girls become more beautiful.

Will you tell me which companies are ordering from you?

We feel sorry to be able to tell you who are distributing lashes from us, that’s a trade secret. We also will not tell anyone that you are ordering from us.

How can i place an order?

If you are interested in our products, please leave your inquiry on the website or just send an email to
kimmilashesfactory@gmail.com. We accept sample orders for quality checking in advance. Please inform me if you are satisfied with our lashes after receiving the sample. We will then send you an order form to help you write down the specifications of the new order.

What is the delivery time for lash orders?

All orders can be completed within 5-7 business days and will send the expedited shipping company to you.

1. Policies applied to distributors

Discount 10% -20% on total order value of 500 pieces or more.   – Support ads, photos and customers in the area you are distributing   – Always get along with each other, contribute to good ideas, propose methods & procedures and strategies to jointly grow your business in the field you are distributing.   * Requirements: Minimum order quantity (Moq) is 500 or more trays

2. Wholesale and private label policy (O.E.M).

Requirement: Minimum order quantity is from 1,000 trays or more – Free logo and brand design. – The more you buy, the cheaper the price

3. Wholesale policy and NOT creating your own brand (O.E.M)

Requirements: Minimum order quantity is from 100 trays or more. – Get your brand logo printed (at least 1000).

4. Wholesale policy when purchasing accessories.

  – Minimum order quantity from 50 pcs for each type of accessory.


We ship to most countries and goods will be delivered from door to door.   – We are working with shipping companies such as DHL, EMS (Vietnam Post), FedEx, TNT, UPS   – Before shipping goods to you, we will send you photos of your goods.   – After a working day (shipping), we will send you a tracking number so you can check the shipping process of your order   – Delivery time:   + Asia: 3-5 days   + America, Europe: 4 – 7 days